Replacement Windows

Replace vs. Refresh: What You Need to Know

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Whether you’re just moving in or have long since settled into your home, it’s likely your windows will need some TLC at around their 20-year mark. But how much work is necessary to keep your home looking fresh and feeling comfortable? Determining whether you’re safe to refresh your windows or replace them instead is where some research can come in handy. We’ll weigh in on how each method is beneficial and under what conditions you should pursue one over the other below. 

Refreshing Your Windows

Take a good look at your windows. What about them needs attention? If it’s something small, a simple refresh like a thorough cleaning or caulking could prove effective and extend your window’s effectiveness—though it won’t extend your window’s lifetime. 

The Pros

The Cons

Replacing Your Windows

Window replacement may seem like a much bigger step than a comparatively simple refresh. However, if the problems are big enough or your ability to make repairs is in question, replacement may make more sense. In the long run, replacement has a lot of positives associated with it!

The Pros

The Cons

Inform Your Decision with the Facts

Overall, we recommend window replacement. Though it’s a higher cost investment, over time it makes more financial sense than putting off the inevitable. No window is made to last forever, but with replacement windows installed, you’ll have a new warranty in place as well as a more comfortable home due to lessened energy and heat loss associated with older windows. Still, the decision is up to you! If it makes more sense to preserve the windows you have and save up for replacement windows at a later date, the option is always on the table. 
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