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Do Bathroom Windows Need Tempered Glass?

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What is Tempered Glass?

Planning to update your bathroom? Consider what tempered glass bathroom windows can do for you. If you’re not familiar with it, tempered glass (which is a safety glass) is stronger than typical glass. Even if it does break, it only creates small, round pieces or pellets (rather than sharp shards that get all over your floor). Here’s everything you need to know when considering it for your bathroom windows, including tempered window glass legal requirements.

When are Tempered Glass Windows Most Beneficial?

Tempered glass is more resilient to damage than traditional glass, producing fewer pieces when shattered. This makes it especially safe for use in bathrooms, where bare feet need to be protected. Tempered glass can be especially beneficial in the following circumstances: 

When You’re Dealing With Weather Issues 

Standard glass isn’t designed to hold up in severe weather the way that tempered glass is. So whether it’s a hail storm or a hurricane, rest easy knowing you have windows that are more durable.

When There Are Legal Requirements 

According to International Building Code, if you have any fixture with a door (bathtub, shower, sauna, etc.), any window less than 60 inches above the floor must be tempered. Additionally, if a window meets all of the following criteria, it legally needs to be tempered. 

If you’re unsure if your current windows are tempered or not, look for a stamp in the corner or a label that tells you the window’s properties. As part of your free window estimate, we can also help you evaluate your space and let you know where you may need tempered windows.

Explore Tempered Glass Options with Window World

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Tempered windows can keep you relaxed and comfortable in all your living spaces. Window World’s window options are the best around for safety, energy efficiency and customization. Get started today with your free window estimate.