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Siding Styles: What is Shake Siding?

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Has your siding seen better days, or is it just feeling a little too same-old, same-old? Why not shake things up? Shake siding can offer durability, timelessness and even greater resale value for your home. From its visual appeal to its cost-effectiveness, here’s what you need to know about shake siding and its benefits.

What is Shake Siding?

House shake siding is a thicker type of shingle siding with more texture and uneven edges (though the sizes of the shingles are all the same). This helps give it a more distinct, rustic appearance that has remained popular since its creation in the 1880’s. Originally getting its name from the “shakes” (pieces of wood split from a log) it was made with, materials now include vinyl and fiber cement. This is especially great since vinyl shake siding can be especially cost-friendly and high-performing, while still being hard to distinguish from more traditional cedar shake siding.

How Does Shake Siding Compare to Other Siding Materials?

In comparison to other siding types, shake siding will never leave your home feeling flat. Its contrasting textures create a more rugged yet intentional feel that has more presence. With Window World shake siding, there are a number of shake siding styles to choose from that can accent your home in the best way possible:

Pros and Cons of House Shake Siding

Before and after shake siding

Across the three main types of materials—vinyl, cedar and fiber cement—there are key advantages and disadvantages to know.

Advantages of Shake Siding

Low Maintenance and Highly Durable

This is especially true in the case of vinyl shake siding, which can mirror the charm and character of cedar without the necessary upkeep. It can even fare well against harsh weather conditions (during independent tests, Window World’s vinyl shake siding remained secure in category five-level winds).

Insulates Well

All types of shake siding can be great for insulation, but Window World’s version goes the extra mile with an energy-efficient design that better regulates temperatures and sounds. This helps you save more and be more comfortable in the short- and long-term.


Vinyl shake siding is the most affordable, often followed by fiber cement and then cedar. On top of this, financing options can help make the switch even more practical.

Disadvantages of Shake Siding

The negatives associated with traditional cedar shake siding—including drying, rot and susceptibility to pests—are not shared with high-performing vinyl siding. Plus, with Window World’s limited lifetime warranty, your new vinyl shake siding is covered if any unlikely repair needs arise.

What Should I Look For In Vinyl Shake Siding?

Home with patio door and shakes and scallops

A High Level of Performance

Look for vinyl shake siding that’s made with durable polymer construction that won’t crack, warp, rot or split. As an added bonus, go with an installer that ensures a self-concealing seam with a strong, secure fit.

Authentic Details

Opt for vinyl shake siding that has realistic shadows lines and mirrors the random grain that cedar shake siding will have, all in a color of your choice.


Partner with a company that will prioritize your home’s style, emphasizing your window boxes, eave edges and overall architecture in a way that you’ll love.

Bring Shake Siding to Your Home With Window World

There’s never been a better time to make the upgrade to vinyl shake siding. With Window World of Muscle Shoals, the upgrade process is seamless, with shake siding design, appearance and performance that will deliver for years to come. Get started with a free in-home estimate today.