Versetta Stone® Panelized Stone Siding

Versetta Stone® Panelized Stone SidingAll the beauty of traditional stone masonry. None of the hassles.

The timeless appeal of stone has become even more attractive.

Versetta Stone® panelized stone veneer is a non-structural, cement-based, manufactured stone veneer that delivers the authentic beauty of traditional stone masonry without the excess cost and installation time. Easy-to-install Versetta Stone allows you to more quickly begin enjoying the look of stone as well as its affordability.

Nature is our inspiration.

The Versetta Stone® palette is inspired by a variety of places around the world and the colors and textures that are unique to each. We bring authenticity to our stone veneer through patterns and stone shapes that precisely replicate natural stones. Cast in molds and hand-colored with iron oxide pigments, we capture the subtle nuances found in nature. And just like real stone, Versetta Stone® withstands the weather in any climate.

The foundation of quality is innovation.

The difference? Versetta Stone® is made of lightweight aggregate materials that are approximately one-fourth the weight of full-thickness stone. The lightweight, mechanical fastening system allows your builder or contractor to install Versetta Stone® without building footings for support, making it ideal for remodeling your home.

Amazing Performance

Versetta Stone® Panelized Stone SidingThe structure and components are designed to effectively manage moisture by allowing water to be safely passed directly to the outside or through to the bottom of the wall system, which helps in preventing mold growth. Rigorous testing demonstrates that Versetta Stone® meets all current standards for masonry veneer products including:

  • Nail Strip 60-year corrosion resistance
  • 110 mph wind load resistance
  • Class A Fire Rating
  • Less than 3% mass loss in free/thaw testing
  • Minimum of 50% recycled content as validated by UL EnvironmentTM
  • NAHB Green Approved Product


Versetta Stone® Flat PanelFlat Panel

The main component of the Versetta Stone® system, the Flat Panels are 8″ x 36″ and weigh approximately 17 lbs. Each panel is embedded with a G-90 galvanized nail strip that allows easy installation. The 3/16″ offset and predrilled weep holes in the nail strips are important parts of our moisture management system, allowing water to flow between the panel and the wall, eventually leading out of starter strips installed at the bottom of the wall system.

Versetta Stone® Universal CornerUniversal Corner

Manufactured the same way as our Versetta Stone® Flat Panels, the Universal Corner is designed to be used for outside and inside corners as well as end wall terminations. The Versetta Stone® Universal Corner is the perfect component to deal with corners and transitions.


The rugged texture and purposeful irregularity offer an exposed and well-worn look that suggests years in the elements.

Versetta Stone® Ledgestone Plum CreekVersetta Stone® Ledgestone Terra RosaVersetta Stone® Ledgestone Sterling


The traditional look of quarried limestone fitted tightly together to emulate rural 19th century American architecture.

Versetta Stone® Tight-cut Plum CreekVersetta Stone® Tight-cut Terra RosaVersetta Stone® Tight-cut Sterling

Simply endless ways to transform your home.

Transform Your Home With Versetta Stone® SidingNothing is more versatile than Versetta Stone®. From new construction to remodeling, exterior walls to stunning interiors, Versetta Stone® adds luxurious detail that replaces the beauty and craftsmanship of authentic stone masonry. Use it to transform a living room, update a kitchen, increase the drama in an entryway or make a unique interior statement. With Versetta Stone®, the creative opportunities are unlimited.

Timeless. Reliable. Beautiful.

Versetta Stone® panelized stone veneer is in keeping with our high standard of excellence. With no need to paint, coat or seal, it is backed by a 50-year limited warranty including onetime transferability.* Versetta Stone® panelized stone veneer products are also made from a minimum of 50% recycled content, which is validated by UL Environment.™ Sustainability is, after all, a core business tenet at Boral Stone Products LLC. Our company embraces the increasingly recognized definition of sustainability as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future. We believe that being good neighbors is a requirement, not an option.


Every project must come to a finish. A perfect finish.

Versetta Stone® panelized stone veneer trim and accessories add the detail that replicates the look of authentic stone masonry and craftsmanship.

Versetta Stone® Light Box Versetta Stone® Receptacle Box Versetta Stone® Trim Stones


Versetta Stone® Wainscot Cap Versetta Stone® Wainscot Cap as Window Sill

Why settle for an outdated home exterior that doesn’t do the interiors justice? With Window World of Muscle Shoals’s Versetta Stone® siding, you can give your home the timeless look of stone walls without the excess cost or installation time involved with a full foundational remodel.

To learn more about our siding options, contact Window World of Muscle Shoals today. We will answer any questions you may have, and can schedule a free in-home estimate.

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