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Best Practices for Painting a Front Door

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If you’re in need of a boost to your home’s curb appeal, refreshing your front door is a budget-friendly option. Sometimes, a new coat of paint in a trendy, chic color is all you need to create a lively entrance to your home and draw the attention of potential buyers.

Steps and Procedures When Repainting a Front Door

Before you paint, it’s best to be prepared. Do ample research beforehand to avoid visiting your local home improvement store mid-project. The correct brush type will largely depend on your paint and desired finish, but we recommend using a synthetic-bristle brush and a foam paint roller for application. Don’t forget paint trays, drop cloths, sandpaper and other necessary tools.

Test Sample Colors

Depending on the style of your home, deciding on one color can be challenging. Take a few samples home, tape them to your door and check out each color. Determine if the sample colors will complement your home’s exterior details, like siding or shutters. There’s always one color that stands out from the rest—that’s the right choice!

Choose Your Paint

Before buying your paint, you should know what type of paint is optimal for an exterior door. Think about weather conditions, how much direct sunlight hits the front of your home and cleaning requirements. A semi-gloss exterior paint is the best choice for an exterior door, as it’s durable and looks great in multiple colors. If you have a storm screen or glass door protecting your exterior door, you can go with a flat or satin finish that won’t be subjected to weather or direct sunlight.

Remove the Door

By removing your door to paint it, you’ll be able to do a cleaner job and avoid getting paint on your door frame, siding and floors. You’ll need to remove not only the door, but the doorknob, hinges and plates to get an even finish.

It’s possible to paint your front door without removing it, but you’ll need to carefully tape off the area and use drop cloths to avoid getting paint on the ground.

Solve any Chipping or Imperfections

Doors that have seen wear and tear typically need to be prepped before they can be painted. Filling in chips or holes and sanding the entire door will ensure that the surface is even and ready for primer and paint.

Apply Primer and Top Coat

Once you’ve selected the right paint color, gathered your materials and prepped your door, you’re finally ready to paint. Depending on your color, you may need more than one coat of primer before the top coat. Start by applying primer to help your top coat stay beautiful for years to come. Allow the primer layer(s) to completely dry before applying your top coat—your door will require around 2-3 coats of paint depending on your chosen color.

Reinstall the Door

After allowing your paint to dry, your door should be promptly reinstalled. Ensure that each piece is correctly placed to avoid scratching your new paint job or creating any operational damage.

Open New Doors with Window World

Giving exterior doors a refresh doesn’t have to be difficult. If your doors are in need of more than just new paint, contact Window World of Muscle Shoals today to learn more about our stylish replacement door options and to schedule your free in-home estimate!