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5 Home Refresh Ideas for the New Year

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So, you’ve resolved to spend more time at the gym, or learn how to cook, or go on a blind date or make a point to stay in contact with your relatives. But what about resolutions for your home? Sometimes, having the right environment makes it easier to take care of yourself—healthy home habits that help refresh your space can also help you feel at ease and able to invest in yourself. We’ve rounded up five home refresh ideas to help you take on the New Year!

Why Should You Look For Ways to Freshen Up Your Home?

You’re not the only one who needs an annual reset. Year after year of living in a space—and all that comes with the business of day-to-day life—can make for a house that needs a little bit of love to look and feel like, well, home. And we aren’t just talking about a deep clean (although one may be necessary!).

Looking for ways to spruce up your home can actually help you uncover hidden problems. Window rot, wet insulation, crumbling sealant and more can fester and lead to more significant damage if not addressed in a timely manner. So, taking the time to analyze your home from top to bottom may actually save you money in the long run—more to devote to your own resolutions!

1. Take Stock of What You Have (And What You Can Part With)  

Knowing what your home needs may require you to start by taking inventory of what you already have. Need an easy place to start? We recommend reviewing and culling your holiday decorations before they go back in the attic for next year. It’s important to take inventory at your own pace; attempting to comb through every room in your house within a short period of time will lead you to become overwhelmed and possibly abandon your organization goals in frustration. Instead, devote an hour at a time to working your way through your possessions. Finish one space before moving on to the next, donating or dumping what you don’t need and organizing what remains.

2. Get Ahead On Spring Cleaning

woman cleaning window

With (hopefully) so much clear space post-inventory, a deep cleaning is in order. Start with the ceiling, and work down to the floor, clearing cobwebs from crown-molding and dust from baseboards. Shift furniture to vacuum underneath oft-forgotten spaces. And don’t forget your windows—it’s likely they also need to be examined up close for any cracks, rotting paint and other potential issues that could suggest deeper damage and the need for replacement.

3. Use Newly Cleared Space to Fit Your Personal Resolutions

Large custom window in office space

Maybe you’re intent on reading more books this year, or stretching at the end of a long work day. Whatever your personal resolutions are, devoting space in your home to pursuing them makes sticking to your goals easier. Repurpose a spare bedroom for crafting, or turn a clear corner into a simple reading nook. Your home can lend itself to whatever you need if you get creative and stay organized!

4. Restyle to Fit New Tastes

living room windows

Repurposing your existing decor and furniture is a simple way to update your environment without overspending. Mix things up with bright new accent pillows, or replace your curtains to add a pop of color to a neutral room. Change the items displayed on shelves to introduce new dimensions and texture, and swap out your framed art for statement prints. Small shifts in a room can make your old house feel new to you and encourage you to spend more time in them.

5. Greenery Goes With Everything

vinyl garden window

Plants are the perfect way to breathe new life into a space that feels stale. In fact, oxygen-producing indoor plants quite literally refresh your home by enriching the air supply!  Explore a variety of plant sizes and leaf shapes to diversify your collection, and place them in both familiar corners and surprising places throughout your home. When the post-holiday season blues roll around, plants provide a pop of color and a reminder that there is always opportunity for new growth.

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