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How to Get the Modern Farmhouse Look: A Room-by-Room Guide

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If you’re looking for a modern yet cozy style for your home, look no further than modern farmhouse. This interior design aesthetic combines the best of comfy, cozy traditional style with sleek modern elements. 

Learn all about this trending style and how to get it in every room in your house.

What is Modern Farmhouse Style?

As you may have guessed from the name, modern farmhouse design combines contemporary and traditional elements to create a cozy aesthetic. 

Modern farmhouse design is less rustic, and more contemporary with neutral colors, sharp lines, and black accents to add contrast. A modern farmhouse interior is cozy without feeling cluttered and very comfy. It should make you want to kick back and relax for a while.

A modern farmhouse color palette is neutral and might include soft gray shades, beige, white, and even pale lavender or light blue. Avoid too much white, as that can feel cold and sterile instead of cozy and welcoming.

Modern Farmhouse Decor

Mixing contemporary and vintage is a hallmark of modern farmhouse decor. Rustic elements like reclaimed wood, salvaged materials, vintage accessories, and wrought iron mix beautifully with more modern elements like white subway tile, black windows, and sleek furniture.

Here’s how to mix and match these elements in each room in your home to achieve the modern farmhouse look.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen & Dining Room

The kitchen really lends itself to the modern farmhouse aesthetic. To incorporate the style into your kitchen, opt for natural countertops like butcher block or pale white marble. White cabinets look beautiful with either countertop. 

A farmhouse sink and white subway tile backsplash are mainstays in a modern farmhouse kitchen. When it comes to lighting, oversized pendant lights or more industrial light fixtures are great choices.

Extend the style to your dining room with a large, butcher block table. Picnic-style tables fit this aesthetic especially well. Dress your table with a neutral-colored runner and placemats. Black windows, vintage decor, and an industrial light fixture complete the look.

modern farmhouse kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Living Room

A modern farmhouse living room is extremely cozy and designed for relaxation. Oversized furniture in neutral tones, plush throw blankets, wide plank wood flooring, and vintage (or vintage-inspired) decor are all hallmarks of a modern farmhouse living room.

When it comes to your windows, black frames are a very trendy choice. Instead of traditional curtains, try a barn door window treatment (this is a great opportunity to use some reclaimed wood!) 

modern farmhouse living room

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Given its comfy, cozy qualities, modern farmhouse is perfect for any bedroom. A classic four-poster bed or a wrought-iron bed are great choices. Top your bed with a vintage quilt or a new quilt made to look vintage. Instead of a traditional nightstand, try using a piece of antique furniture, or even an antique trunk. 

Instead of lamps, opt for wall sconces. These are a very traditional addition that can be made more modern by choosing black metal. Like your living room, black windows will look gorgeous in your modern farmhouse bedroom.

modern farmhouse bedroom

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Yep, you can even incorporate this design aesthetic into your bathroom! Start with clean white tile flooring and add a wood & metal vanity with black metal fixtures. Reclaimed wood shelves are a great way to store necessities and display your favorite bathroom decor, while a towel ladder is the perfect way to store extra towels. Instead of a shower/tub combo, opt for a detached tub (bonus points if it’s a clawfoot tub!)

modern farmhouse bathroom

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