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How to Decorate Your Mid-Century Modern Home

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If you love older homes with a design that stands the test of time, a mid-century home is a perfect balance between a modern design with historical significance. Large windows and clean lines paired with open and functional floor plans make for unique design opportunities both inside and out. Read on to learn about this timeless style and how to implement it in your interior and exterior design.

What Is a Mid-Century Modern Home?

As the name suggests, the mid-century modern style boomed in the 1950s and ‘60s and has regained popularity in recent years. Homes in this style are known for their angled roofing, oversized windows, and minimalist architectural design on the exterior. Often the design incorporates bright pops of color and natural, warm woods.

The interior spaces are meant to provide a convenient and modern lifestyle. These one-story homes were built with open floor plans to create a functional living space. With indoor-outdoor living in mind, large glass windows and doors build a connection between inside and outside spaces.

What Is the Difference Between Mid-Century and Modern Designs?

Modern designs come in many different styles, including mid-century modern, contemporary, minimalist, art deco, and international, to name a few.

Since the style values function over anything else, mid-century is a modern design by definition with its own unique twist on what modern means. Mid-century uses wood, leather, bold colors and patterns while traditional modern designs are more contemporary and current. Some modern designs are inspired by mid-century design, such as clean lines and large glass windows and doors.

Ways to Decorate Your Home

Incorporate Warm Woods

Mid-century modern design often features warm wood tones, such as walnut, mahogany, teak, and cherry in furniture, flooring, decorations and even walls to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Choose Furniture with Clean Lines and Unique Shapes

Shop for chairs, sofas and tables with clean, simple lines. Geometric shapes, smooth edges and curves and tapered chair and table legs are all staples of the mid-century modern interior style.

Add Bold Colors

Mid-century modern design often incorporates bold color into wall decor, pillows and furniture. Some of the most popular colors to include are yellows, oranges, teal, reds, pinks and earthy greens, which complement the warm, dark wood that is a staple of the design style.

Bring the Outside and Inside Together

Mid-century homes were designed to flow seamlessly from indoor to outdoor living, so it makes sense to maximize your home’s natural light and free space. Install sliding glass patio doors or large casement windows for easier access to light and fresh air, making your home’s interior feel larger. Adding indoor plants can also complement your home’s architecture and act as living artwork.

Upgrade Your Home’s Exterior

Many mid-century homes are traditionally longer than they are tall, so adding thinner, horizontal siding can emphasize this look, no matter your home’s shape. Using the same wooden elements and color scheme that you used inside can also create a more seamless transition from interior to exterior. Giving your home a new modern entry door or garage door with a pop of color can bring your mid-century look all together.

Ready to Upgrade Your Home’s Design Style?

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