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Home Improvement

The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

2 min read

Think of routine home maintenance as your annual physical: perhaps not the most fun, but necessary for your long-term health. By checking in on the elements of your home that help you maintain your day-to-day routine, you protect its longevity and prevent major issues down the line. Read on for our tips on performing yearly maintenance on your home and keeping it a safe space for years to come!

Start by Gathering Your Supplies

While it’s unlikely that any major maintenance will be required during your annual check of your home, come prepared with a few supplies to address any immediate concerns. These include:

Steps for Routine Maintenance

With your supplies in order, you’re ready to start your walk-through. The steps below should help you perform the most comprehensive review of your home so that you can rest easy until next year’s maintenance!

During your maintenance check, you may uncover some issues that require significant intervention. To avoid damaging your home (or yourself), we recommend contacting a professional for help.

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