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Five Ways to Decorate Fall Window Boxes

2 min read

Looking for the best way to bring in the fall season? Decorating your window boxes or garden windows are charming ways to add fall flair to your Muscle Shoals home.

fall window box with pumpkins

Here are five ways to decorate fall window boxes and garden windows to create the fall home of your dreams:

1. Find the Right Box

Fall window boxes are available in all types of materials, including metal, wood, plastic, and more. To find the right type of fall window box for you, think about the overall aesthetic for your home. Whether your home is more of the Southwestern ranch style or the Victorian classic style, we recommend choosing a material that best compliments your aesthetic.

2. Choose A Color Scheme

Finding the best color scheme is a great way to start designing fall window boxes. Whether you’re matching the fall leaves or using the colors from your favorite flowers, the color theory will drive the design.

Also, if you have any ideas for the color palette in your box, then that could help you find the right material for your fall window box. Fall flowers might look great in a wooden box, while greenery might look best in a metal box for an urban-organic design.

3. Throw In A Few Fall Flowers

To highlight the fall theme, add some popular fall flowers to your window box to accentuate the colors of the season. Or, place them in a vase on your garden window ledge so that they stand tall and proud.

Here are five of the best fall flowers that thrive in the Alabama climate:

  • Marigolds
  • Perennials
  • Mums
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Violas

These flowers are known for their vibrant color palettes that help brighten up your Muscle Shoals home.

4. Add a Pop of Pumpkin

Pumpkins are one of the hallmarks of the season. Nothing says fall more than pumpkins on your garden window ledge or in a wooden window box. Pumpkins are also great central points to focus your design.

Fun fact, pumpkins are available in a few different colors, including blue, white, and yellow. If you don’t want to use an orange pumpkin in your fall window box, you can find the best pumpkin color to match your aesthetic.

5. Fill Up The Fall Window Box

To keep your fall window box vibrant and energized, be sure to fill your fall window box with strong potting soil. This will help your box appear strong and full as it shines from your window. Also, be sure to consistently water your fall window box so that the plants grow and thrive outside of your home.

You’ll want to fill up your fall window box with soil until there’s only an inch of open space from the top. You can also mix in other additives, such as sand and bonemeal, to add more nutrients for your plants.

Choose Window World of Muscle Shoals for Your Garden Windows

Ready to design your fall window box? We can’t wait to see your designs. If you’re considering adding some garden style windows to your home, the professionals at Window World of Muscle Shoals have plenty of options for you. We’d love to provide you with a free in-home estimate to help you bring in the fall season.