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6 Signs You Need New Gutters

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When’s the last time you checked on your gutters? Up high and out of sight, gutters hold the power to protect your home from water damage, but they may slip your mind and blend into the rest of your home. In Muscle Shoals, unexpected weather conditions are not rare, and the rainy season is slowly approaching. Keep reading to spot these six signs on when it’s time to replace your gutters. 

1. Cracks in the Gutters

Inspect your gutters. Do you notice any cracks? Any indication of a crack could be a sign that water is leaking through, and your gutters may be damaged. Without gutters, water runoff may pool around your home, eventually damaging the structure, flooding your basement or warping your windows and doors. If you’re noticing any cracks or, worse yet, water damage to your home, you should act quickly to replace. 

2. Seams Are Falling Apart

Seams are where two portions of your gutter system connect. If these are failing, you may have water damage you don’t even know about. When seams fail, they may be harder to recognize, and you may require a ladder to look at your gutter for any cracks between the two segments. Although many homeowners have switched to seamless gutters, if yours are not seamless, make sure to stay vigilant.

3. Paint Starts to Peel Below the Gutters

If you’re noticing paint below gutters starting to peel, it could be a sign that you are in need of a repair. If paint on the siding below your gutters is peeling or has moisture bubbles, that is a major sign that your gutters have failed. Depending on how much water has leaked through and the extent of the damage, you may find yourself in need of more than just a gutter replacement. You may need to assess any water damage to your exterior siding as well.   

4. Wood Around Your Gutters Begins Rotting

Take a look at any exterior wood on your home for potential rotting and signs of wear and tear. Storms and other harsh weather create an increasing opportunity for rain to seep into your home. Here in Muscle Shoals, we want your home to be prepared for unexpected weather conditions. If you notice any rotting, that means your gutters aren’t performing their job as well as they should be. 

5. Mildew Accumulates Around Your Gutters

Mildew, a common and easily spotted bacteria, is an indication that there is excessive moisture surrounding the exterior of your home. Debris build-up may encourage unsightly and unhealthy mold growth, a leaky roof or sagging gutters, not to mention the welcoming environment it provides to rodents and other pests. If you can limit the moisture, you will have no problems limiting the mildew! 

6. The Gutters Are Visibly Hanging

If your gutters aren’t firmly secured to the side of your house, they aren’t capable of performing their job. They may be hanging off due to too much weight in the gutter system or simply improper installation. At that point, we recommend you call in a professional to assess your gutters and the downspout for any clogs. 

How Window World of Muscle Shoals Can Help

Now that you know how to tell if you need new gutters, we encourage you to get them checked by a professional regularly. Once a year is probably fine. Staying on top of your gutters can increase their lifespan. 

Is it time to look for replacement gutters? Window World of Muscle Shoals is able to professionally install new gutters to keep your home moisture-free! Contact us to learn more about our Leaf Protection Rain Gutter System, and how we can help protect your home today!