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Home Improvement

5 Tips for Remodeling a Fixer Upper

2 min read

With so many home improvement shows showcasing home design dream teams taking on fixer-uppers, it’s no surprise many prospective homeowners choose an older house to remodel into their perfect home. There’s a lot of charm to be found in older homes, but also a lot of pitfalls to watch out for. If you’re not careful, these can eat into your budget and create a money pit. 

Fortunately, our team has helped transform many older fixer-uppers into dream homes! Here’s what we’ve learned from being a part of these fixer-upper remodels. 

1. Start with Safety

Prioritize any projects that may impact you and your family’s personal safety first. That means roofing, electrical and plumbing projects should be moved to the front of the line. When you’re coming up with your project list, hire an inspector to go through the house and highlight any potentially dangerous items to be addressed immediately. Electrical problems are a fire hazard, and any plumbing or roofing problems could lead to major issues down the road. If your home is old enough, you may even need to check for lead paint or asbestos in floors, plaster or insulation. 

Some repairs can be expensive, but they’re less expensive than the potential damage done by not taking care of smaller issues now. It pays off in peace of mind to take care of those items upfront. 

2. Get Back to Basics

Once any dangerous elements have been taken care of, take stock of the basics in your home. Before getting into the nitty-gritty of your home’s interior, everything that affects your home’s exterior should be checked well. Your foundation, siding, heating and cooling systems and doors and windows are all worth assessing. If your foundation is cracked or isn’t level, start there. These building blocks of your home are important, since you use or rely on them day in and day out to stay strong. 

3. Harmonize Structural and Cosmetic Repairs

Why pay for two separate procedures for your home when one fix will do? If your home’s front porch needs to be replaced, replace the fencing around the edge with brand-new while you’re at it. Or if one outer wall has some serious structural problems like dry rot, why not add in a picturesque new bay window when repairing the wall? Combining two-for-one techniques like this could be a cost-saving measure as well as a great way to approach repairs. 

4. Simple Paint Can Do Wonders

One way to keep costs low is to use paint wherever possible to freshen up walls, cabinets, and other surfaces. This alone can make your fixer-upper look much better than the state in which you found it! A simple paint job can be inexpensive, but doing the painting yourself saves even more in costs, leaving you more budget to address repairs and remodels. 

5. Don’t Underestimate Curb Appeal

Window World of Muscle Shoals knows curb appeal. With our high-quality and durable window and door replacements and vinyl siding options, we’ve helped plenty of homeowners remodel their homes. Plus, our experienced team installs for you, leaving you to enjoy your home’s new exterior. For an estimate on upgrading your fixer-upper’s exterior, contact us today!